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On this page you can find a explanation on its features and how to activate them.


Blacklist the sites that shouldn't be seen

Create a list of websites that you want to be inaccessible from your browser. Once in the list our extension will restrict access to those domains.

There are three ways to block a website:
1. While at the site you want to block, open the extension pop-up window and click on "Add website to Blacklist";
2. Right click on the site zone, in the context menu select "Parental Control" - "Block this Site";
3. Open the Settings page, go to the "Blacklist" section, enter the website URL in the input field and click on "Add".

To delete website from the list - go to Settings page, choose Blacklist and click on the trashcan icon near selected site.



Create a Whitelist of sites you trust

A list of websites that you allow to be opened in your browser. Just add a domain name and serf them freely while still blocking other adult or sensitive sites that are not in whitelist.

Same as an adding sites to Blacklist, there are three ways of adding sites to Whitelist:
1. While you are on the opened site you want to be accessible, open the extension pop-up window and click on "Add website to Whitelist";
2. Right click anywhere on the site that you want to be accessible, in the context menu choose "Parental Control" - "Add this site to trust list”;
3. Open the Settings page, go to the " Whitelist" section, enter the website URL in the input field and click on "Add".

Password Settings

Password protection for app and its settings

You can set password on activation and deactivation of extension and extension settings. Use this feature to exclude the possibility of your child deactivating the extension or to eliminate accidental changes in settings.

Password Settings
Hide icon


Hide icon to be less seen

You can choose to show empty extension icon so that it would be not so visible to your child.

Block page style

Choose a style for your block page

We have added three styles of a block page for you to choose from.

Alerting red with a distinctive warning that content is forbidden to access. Its great to make sure that viewer will see that page had adult content or was blocked by you.

Soft gray page for less aggressive everyday usage with just skipping the sensitive content.

And a google 404 error page, so blocking would be hidden and it would seem that this site or page is just unavailable or closed.

Block page style
Additional filter

Additional filter

Block explicit ads for less distracted experience

An experimental feature that attempts to block some of the advertisements on the sites you or your child visit

SafeSearch on providers search results

Activate SafeSearch on search engines and YouTube while you browse

This feature is to be even more secure. It activates SafeSearch analogs on the search providers and the sites that support it.


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