Parental Control
Parental Control - Adult Blocker
Parental Control - Adult Blocker
Parental Control - Adult Blocker

About Extension

Allows parents to restrict the access to adult and other sensitive content for their children.

Parental Control extension allows parents to help young internet users to discover the immense world of online, to control the list of sites they visit, as well as to set with their children the most appropriate web resources for them to study from.

With our easy to use extension, you can protect your child from the content on the web that your child should not see. It works as an adult website blocker or a customizer of the list of sites that your child is not allowed to visit. Also, while your kids or family members are surfing the internet our application inspects pages for keywords that indicate that page contains porno or adult content, and if one of the keywords found – our extension blocks that page with inappropriate content, protecting viewers from what they should not see.

We are very proud of our extension and very happy that we can help you to protect your children, teens and adults from inappropriate content on the Internet.

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